Who Can See the Auric Layers of Chakras?

August 13, 2011

Chakras have been documented in ancient text for more than 5,000 years. And yet we treat the information as if it was new and scary, even taboo. If you look at old paintings of saints, rulers and great teachers you will notice that they were typically portrayed with a golden plate, light or halo around the head. This depicted what the artist saw as a layer of the aura shining out from the crown chakra. The aura is a force that emanates from the individual chakras and everyone has this. Somewhere along the line the information was lost or hidden but it has always been with us.

Notice the auric layer in the paintings below:

As babies and small children we saw the auric layers around the people near us and in anyone who approached. If you doubt this, watch a baby in the arms of his/her parents. When you approach, they look at you but then they look all around you as they take in all the auric information about you and your spiritual connection to Divine. Sometimes they cry or burst out crying in response. Over time this gift is lost to the child because often the parents or caregivers insist that the child is making it up. The child is told that other people don’t see those things and neither should they. This is called domestication; it is the concept that children are trained in the customs and beliefs of their family. Domestication doesn’t only happen to children; it happens to countries and governments and religions, also. Somewhere along the historical timeline, we stopped seeing our direct connection to Divine.

Today, we have Kirlian photography, named after Semyon Kirlian who developed this technique in 1939 (although it was a concept as early as 1777). This method depicts the auric layers of the chakras as seen through overexposed film similar to an x-ray. Using Kirlian photography everything shows an auric layer around it – even the things many consider inanimate or without life such as a rock or a coin. Take a look at these modern photos and pictures using Kirlian photography:

We have discounted amazing information about chakras and the auric layers they manifest. It’s time to learn what they have to teach us!

Stay tuned for more next week!

Love and light,




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